N3S Vellari

The Vellari Exatai in RM 800

The Vellari Exatai, its name an Accanization of Satar Valarai, or "people of nobility", is a hybrid Satar and Accan state that exists as of the 9th century RM on the western coast of the Kern Sea. It emerged from the fragmentation of the Karapeshai Exatai after the War of the Broken Shield under the dominion of the High Princes of the Scroll at Atracta, though it continued to claim the legacy of the Karapeshai Exatai and the right to rule over all its former territories, and still does nominally to this day. 

It was founded in late 8th century RM by Taracis, a charismatic polymath who broke with the old Karapeshai legacy to revive the declining Accan/Atractan state. It is known for its advanced technology, expansive trading connections through the Accan nuccia, disciplined military forces and patronage of the Sephashim, a legendary institution of knowledge.

War of the WitchEdit

In the early years of the 9th century RM, the Vellari Exatai entered into war with the ascendant power of the Halyrate, after the High Prince Alxas in the infamous "burn the witch" speech called for the expulsion of the Alonite Synothal Order from concourse. This resulted in the destruction of accan quarters within the Halyrate, and coincided soon after with the assassination of the High Prince, financial convulsions amongst the nuccion (incited by a defaulting on debt to certain nuccia by maninist orders involved in a war in Anhalter and increased tariffs on accans instituted by certain Aelonist states) and the de-facto annexation of Aldina by the Sadorishi order. Alxas' successor Zakraphetas attempted for a time to soothe tensions and maintain peace, but as angry rhetoric flew back and forth across the kern and neither side refused to back down, war inevitably eventuated with the Vellari Exatai engaging in a pre-emptive attack on the maninist Xidevi Sartashai in a bid to overthrow the regime of the Prince of Shadow, and engaging in an invasion of Cyve (which had recently joined the Halyrate through a union of Aelonism and Maninism) which resulted in the Vellari burning the city of Lemdeh to the ground. Likewise the Vellari engaged in several successful raids on gallat. Yet ultimately with the entrance of the O'ayase ta Caroha into the war on the side of the Halyrate (changing the balance of sea power on the kern) and defeat in the Battle of Salyc and in the face of a Halyral expedition to Ritti, Vellari fortunes, not yet extinguished, rested on a knife-edge as of the year 814 RM.

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