The Union of Aitah was a Seshweay state founded in the early sixth century SR. The Seshweay people had long ago been conquered by the Satar, but retained a distinct cultural identity centered around their ancient language and culture, and their fairly new faith of Aitahism. The latter spread with the Seshweay diaspora, which influenced many of the lands around the Lovi Sea. After the defeat of the Satar in the War of the Three Gods, the Seshweay regained independence, and chose to assemble their new Republic on religious lines, admitting various countries who adhered to Aitahism into a large political union. After a series of negotiations with the Empire of Helsia, the Empire of Dremai, and the city-state of Neruss, this political union became incorporated in the large Farubaida o Caroha, which spanned the Lovi Sea and almost overnight became one of the great powers of the known world.

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