The Third War of Prophecy (RM 737 - 773 ; SR 848 - 884) was a major conflict between various northern states and the resurgent Zalkephai. It began when a Zalkephis proclaimed himself in the Einan valley during the War of Burning Pines. The destruction wrought by that war had created a fertile ground for Zalkephic teachings, and dozens of northern cities pledged themselves to the new prophet before the Tephrans or Shield-Princes could react. When the Tephrans did try to stem the rising Zalkephic tide their efforts were thwarted by Zalkephic armies and the Tephrans own inability to bring their war with the Shield-Princes to a close. Zalkephis eluded attempts at capture and assassination, and a protracted three-way stalemate ensued, as the War of Prophecy and the War of the Burning Pines merged. Ultimately the Zalkephists inflicted a major defeat on a Tephran army at Sartasion before capturing that prestigious city, and the exhausted Tephrans and Shield-Princes were forced to accept the establishment of the Zalkephai Rashai in their former northern lands. The War of Prophecy was not quite ended, however, for Zalkephis built a fleet and launched his followers against Cyve. An exceptionally brutal and inconclusive struggle ensued on Ederrot, only to be broken by the arrival of a joint Alonite-Aelonist relief force from the continent. The Zalkephic army, refusing to retreat, was destroyed at the Battle of Hardmoor, and Zalkephis himself died of old age shortly thereafter, bring the Third War of Prophecy to a final, definitive end. 

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