The Statuary Ideal is a classic work by Lobard the Wise which is the political, epistemological and legal foundation of the Ereithaler Commonarchy.

It is prominent by being the first work almost in Lobardian writing, by describing the basic concepts of Maninist-Ereithaler metaphysics and, by argumented extension, describing political power relations and how to keep them in check. It has a Cyvekt love poem as a preface, the only part of the book written in Faronun.

The work is per Lobardian tradition written in so-called entes, remniscent of aphorisms. It was the fundament for the Lobardian philosophical understanding of language, where meanings of sentences are subservient to their paragraphs with no non-contextual meaning on their own.

The work contains details on The White Man, a Lobardian concept of an ascendant, enlightened individual. Aelona is considered the only true White individual to ever have lived, while certain Ereithaler scholars debate whether Lobard is to be considered White as well.

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