The Remmos is a great lighthouse that presides over the harbour of Epichirisi. It rises from a bastion of the seawall to a height of over seventy meters. It bears aloft a large bronzen mirror, and the reflected light of its flame guides ships into port from over a dozen leagues out to sea. 

The lighthouse is dedicated to memory of the heroes of the Daharai Republic. On its pinnacle stands a fine bronze of the Exarch Eandar Solien equipped in his artekon with sword upon his hip and cloak upon his back. The statue's gaze is turned upon the city and its arm is outstretched to welcome travellers from afar. Colorful banners are hung from the tower, bearing the poetry of the sutras so that all might see them. Four more statues decorate the base of the tower, one on each corner: Heasah bearing aloft a spear, Kaltas Nire saluting with hand upon heart, the Master Sadar gesturing in oratory, and the Exarch Eres Etreinon clutching a saffron crocus.

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