Thagnor is a collection of ruins atop a small hill in the region of Haina in the Empire of Trahana. The historical capital of independent Haina, Thagnor was destroyed by the pirate-emperor of the Paitloma Empire in his swift and destructive war against the tottering Haina state. 

An inland capital for a maritime kingdom, Thagnor was always a study in contradictions. Because of its isolation from the sea, the lifeblood of old Haina, Thagnor was never a particularly large city, though Haina's wealth made it an attractive one. Particularly notable was the royal palace, painted entirely with friezes of waves and other images of the sea. At the heart of the palace sat the Coral Chair, the throne of Haina royalty, built from smoothed reclaimed coral from the reefs of the Airendhe. Even at Haina's peak, however, the royal family had relatively little power, being constrained by the greater strength of the noble-merchant families who dominated its commerce.

When the Paitloma came in the night, after burning the port of Daran, the city and the Haina royal family were taken entirely by surprise. The king and most of the royal family perished in the burning of the palace, and most of the city was looted and lay in ruins. The beautiful friezes of the palace were blackened and ruined with soot. Shortly after this calamity, Haina would be annexed by its growing neighbor Trahana. As a result, any impetus to rebuild Thagnor, a city of little strategic or economic value beyond its status as the historical Haina capital, lay dormant.

Today, the Coral Chair sits on an open hilltop, and a few houses create a small village where once lay a small city. The Chair is still used for the coronation ceremony of the titular Kings of Haina, a hereditary position held by a family of ethnic Haina nobles that is fully subservient to the Emperors of Trahana, but the ostensible royal family resides in the far more important port of Daran, a short distance to the east on the coast, and Thagnor has increasingly fallen into the obscurity of history. 

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