The Tephran Exatai is one of the largest states in the known world, located in central Ephis and ranging from the Kothai in the south to the River Einan in the north, and from Arastephaion in the far east to the border of Tin Tan Tar in the far west. Founded after the splintering of the Karapeshai Exatai with the War of the Broken Shield, the Tephrans flourished, especially under the Redeemer Marev-ta-Asihkar, who would refound the city of Nintai as the eponymous capital of Marevi, and utterly crushed the Zalkephai Rashai in the Second War of Prophecy. Since then, it has been a great military and mercantile power on the steppe, the primary route for silk to travel into the east, and among the greatest of the Satar states.

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