The Temple of the Aitah in Reppaba (more colloquially, the Reppaba Temple) was the largest Aitahist religious constructed up to that point, occupying an enormous space in Reppaba, the capital of the former Khivani Roshate and the largest city on the River Peko. Begun by the Emperor Khatai I shortly after (really, during) the conquest of the region by the Dual Empire, the Temple was intended to be the centerpiece of the Emperor's conversion effort in the region. As one of the most fundamentalist Maninist regions in the new empire, the Peko demanded a great deal of the time and resources of the Savirai; as a result, the Temple was one of the most beautiful constructions of its day.

The central worship hall was supported by enormous pillars, each rising to an incredibly high domed ceiling. Numerous windows allowed in a great deal of natural light, but hangings of thin scarlet cloth transmuted this light into a subtle, muted illumination, one that was said to give everything the hazy quality of a dream. The floor was covered in geometric designs borrowed from Faronun influences, while the iconography of the Red Lady was everywhere. Numerous attachments housed the administrators of the Aitahist church in the Peko region -- probably the best organized of any Aitahist hierarchy.

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