Taexi (b. RM? - 495) was a Xieni statesman and general of the 5th century RM. Born to Laeng, the last independent Xieni ruler, he inherited his father's position as Prince of the Wind in the Karapeshai Exatai, and ascended to the golden mask of the Redeemer after Karal-ta-Asihkar. A fanatical Ardavani, Taexi undertook as his first act to destroy the Oscadian Aitahist and Enguntith populations of the Exatai in a purge known as the Sheaving of the Wheat. This brought him into conflict with the pro-Aitahist Prince of Bone Ephasir cuCyve, and led him to enter the War of the Ashen Throne in opposition to the Aitahist crusaders. The former conflict saw Ephasir's forces crushed at the Battle of the Long Hill and the safely Ardavani Fulwarc III installed on the Cyvekt throne; the latter saw Taexi lead an expedition against Brunn that burned Kurchen and saw the Fifth Aitah Kintyra captured and executed. Taexi did not long enjoy his triumph, however, dying of a fever in Kurchen shortly after Kintyra's exectution and within days of receiving the news that First-Lerai had launched a war against the the Karapeshai. He was succeeded by Talephas

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