Sixth-Gaci is the current Ayasi, or Emperor, of the Holy Moti Empire. He came to power after the death of Ayasi First-Lerai on the battlefield during the most recent war with the Karapeshai Exatai. In a surprising historical twist, Sixth-Gaci made peace with the Karapeshai and subsequently depended heavily on the Karapeshai Redeemer Talephas to support him against a rising rebellion of the Moti Godlikes, or nobility, and a destructive invasion by the Vithanama Empire and their leader, Satores. However, when Talephas's lieutenant Sianai arrived at the Moti capital city of Gaci to aid in its defense against the Godlikes and the Vithanama, he betrayed Sixth-Gaci and captured the hapless emperor. Although Sianai has since fled Gaci, burning the city in his wake, Sixth-Gaci remains a prisoner of the rebel Karapeshai prince in the state Sianai has carved out in the former heart of the Moti Empire.

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