Serkos began as a tiny colony of the eastern Opulensi city-state of Tars -- essentially, as their first attempt to expand into the easternmost Nakalani and secure the difficult trade route towards the Acaya. The colony remained a rather unimportant port until the conquest of Tars by the much larger Opulensi Empire. Serkos remained too small and too unimportant to be noticed by the larger powers around it, and became a popular destination for merchants, smugglers, and pirates, especially after the Peace of Pisos restricted the movement of unsavory characters in their larger neighbors.

Serkos later became a tax dodge and smugglers haven. After Leun closed the Indigo Gate, they conquered Serkos for their smuggling actions. Although the Daharai promised to grant Serkos to Farea during the Opening of the Gate, circumstantial factors prevented this.

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