Tribal Monarchy

Long the largest and most powerful of the Stetin peoples, Seehlt spanned the valleys of three enormous lakes in the thickly forested northern woods. Descendants of a line of kings who repulsed the campaigns of the ancient Gallatenes, the Seehlt dynasty built a kingdom that dominated the south of the Stetin lands. Easily the most advanced, most populated, and richest of the kingdoms, they long harbored ambitions of uniting the Stetin into one enormous kingdom, but faced strong competition from Brunn. Ultimately, as the Seehlt sided with the Maninist orthodoxy in their by-now longtime ally, Gallat, they would be subjugated by the Brunnekt and their Savirai allies; the capital of Seehlt would be restyled Flammhelt, and their people almost entirely converted to Aelonist Aitahism.

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