One of the greatest captains of all time, Ruman the Great (c. 25-85 SR) was a general for the tiny city-state of Nahar.

He led its army, a rag-tag band of only a few hundred, as the nation was invaded by one of its neighbors, the much stronger and more numerous Zirais army. Zirais' amphibious operations quickly reduced Nahar proper in only a couple of days, but Ruman was able to escape with his militia across the bay; when Zirais troops tried to surprise him there, he drove them back on the beaches. He retreated inland, and his raids caused panicking Zirais generals to believe he was advancing on their city. They sent a number of troops to aid, which blundered right into Ruman's trap, destroying the entire Zirais army.

He annexed the offending state, made himself despot of Nahar, and then conquered Bahar for good measure. His reforms and genius ultimately led to the establishment of the Nahari Empire. After being a component part of the Dual Empire , a the Halyr Javan established a new Nahari Empire based on Ruman's legacy.