The Ealla is a tributary of the River Thala and is itself a major river of the west of the world. 

The Ealla arises in the high mountains of the north, known by many names, that have long served as the northern boundary of western civilization. The mountains themselves receive much rainfall, and the Ealla is initially a tangle of rushing streams, fast-moving and turbulent. However, it quickly descends, briefly passing through a fantastic series of caves, known as Ealla's Cradle. From the Cradle, it emerges to the open fields of the Taidhe, to which it forms the western edge. The waters of the Ealla then slow dramatically, lazily drifting southward to the confluence with the Thala. Unlike the darker water of the Upper Thala, the Ealla is rich in clay and sediments, and the confluence has been poetically called the Dance of Day and Night. As a result, the soil around the Ealla is exceptionally rich, and flooding is more common on the Ealla than on the tranquil Thala. 

Trade caravans frequently pass across the Taidhe to the cities of the Ealla and onwards into the Thala valley. The cities of Fetlar and Elapo lie on the Ealla's banks, as do the ruins of the city of Cairhay. The ruined former Dulama capital of Mora lies at the confluence of the Ealla and the Thala.

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