The Restoration was the period in the history of the Halyrate of Gallat occuring after the Peregrination had shifted the Great Ordeal outside the borders of that country. While the Halyr was away destroying the remnants of the Dual Empire, the regent Araldi Nuvor initiated a comprehensive program of reconstruction and resettlement aimed at undoing the extensive damage wrought by the Aitahist invaders. The Restoration saw the refounding of a dozen major cities that had been burnt to the ground, along hundreds of smaller towns and villages, the resettlement of the interior of Selessan that had become virtually empty after half a century of war, the construction of the first High Roads, and the founding of Talada and the Pale of the Sadorishi. It would continue, though at a reduced pace, through the reign of Caron Nuvor, before definitively coming to an end with his death and the dissolution of Gallat. 

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