The Great Reokhar Eruption occurred in in the mountains in the far west of the world, about a hundred miles from the capital of the Reokhar Eshai, in the year 891 SR. This region had lately been much tormented by natural disasters, including an earlier eruption further north that had inflicted considerable damage and the Merat Earthquake that levelled a number of cities and towns in Tin Tan Tar, but the Great Eruption dwarfed everything that had come before. According to accounts it was so powerful it split the mountain in two, and the deafening sound carried for hundreds of miles across the plains. The ash it spewed into the air blotted out the sun and caused crop failure and famine across the known world. The effects were, naturally, most potent in the Reokhar Eshai itself, where the eruption proved to be the final blow to that state. The Eshai disintegrated quickly in the aftermath of the Great Eruption, and chaos currently reigns on the central Sunset Coast. 

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