The Rhoms (highlighted in pink).

The Rahevat (Evyni: Rhoms) are a northern mountain range, running in a great arc from the Gap of Phalen in the south to the first foothills of the Nuvn in the north, and dividing Acca and Oscadia on the one side from the Rath Satar and the valley of the River Einan on the other. They are a diverse group of mountains, enormously varied geologically, and rich in mineral resources. The most notable of these were the great tin mines in Oscadia, once tapped by the ancient nation of Bosrttia before that people fell to the depredations of the Satarai at the end of the Bronze Age.

Much of the Rahevat are heavily forested, and a few of the higher peaks bear considerable snowcaps, which feed several of the north's greatest rivers.

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