The Qasrai Empire was one of several successor states to the Dual Empire. After the death of Qasaarai V, various claimants to the Savirai throne emerged. One of these was a man claiming to be Qasra, Qasaarai's long-vanished brother. Despite the fact that Qasra was far younger than the actual Qasra ought to have been, he somehow gained a great deal of traction, and founded his own state in the eastern lands of the former empire. After cobbling together an army and a kingdom, he went on to declare his daughter the Sixth Aitah, further postulating that the line of the Aitah could only be passed down through the female line, from Aelona (his supposed mother).

With the death of Altaro Javan and the controlled dissolution of the Halyrate, Qasra saw this as his opportunity to retake Vana and Gurach for his own. Ignoring Acajuren threats, Qasra invaded the Third Savirai Empire and nearly succeeded before being beaten back and killed. His daughter the "Aitah" was forced to flee, and his capital was captured by the forces of the Acajuren Republic. What was left of his followers wandered the Face of the Moon, with no leader, no center of power, and nothing left except their belief in hereditary Aitahs. Soon, they disappeared under the weight the Maninist revival and the expanding Halyrate.

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