The Pillar of Truth is an enormous temple complex in the city of Epichirisi. It stands before the Palace of the Chamber at the seaward foot of the Charitine Hill, where once was the Imperial Square of the Opulensi Emperors. Built by the Daharai to serve as a central fixture of their faith, and to ennoble the capital city of their Republic, it is the largest Indagahori temple in the world.

The complex is roughly triangular in shape and surmounted by a great dome sheathed in crimson tile and girded by a band of bronze, rising to fourty meters. On each corner of the temple a bronze-capped spire rises above this dome - a spire to stand for each Precept of Indagahor. The dome possesses a central occulus, and a series of arched windows at its base for the illumination of its vast interior.

The interior of the temple bears resplendant detail with the intent to awe any who should set foot within. Its columns are tall and finely made, the capitals carved to appear as boughs of leaves, heaps of flowers, leaping dolphins, or any number of other natural designs. On the domed cieling are three great mosaics, each one depicting a scene of the Indagahori faith. One is of Arasos, standing upon the sandy shores of Sacred Dinyart, centred and still in thought and faith. The other is of Jitanu speaking beneath the banyan tree, where his words opened the minds and hearts of others and led them upon the Path. The last is a scene of Kaltas Nire fallen upon the square where he fought the Golden Bastard, Rhoedas,and where he stood for what was right and just; his companions, the gendori, and people of the city are gathered close to him, and flowers are heaped upon his chest. 

The Pillar of Truth is centred on the grave of Kaltas Nire, and a garden with a small clutch of banyan trees serves as his memorial. Here any man is free to speak as he would without fear of reprisal.

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