Taking its cues from the Pillars of Epichirisi and Treha, the Pillar of Leun is a great and soaring structure. Though not quite so large in its proportion as these two others, it is said by many to be of greater elegance, gentler and more refined in its construction. Paneled in red granite and brass tile, its dome nonetheless rises to a still-impressive height of thirty-five meters. The remainder of the building is clad entire in polished white travertine. A long hall stretches out from the seaward face of the dome, fronted with three towers capped in brass and rising to forty meters, varnished teak doors between them. The long hall is vaulted and lined with arched windows - as is the Pillar's dome - enhancing the sense of space and providing an abundance of light. The walls of the hall and the dome are bedecked with colourful frescoes of the deeds of the indori, prominent among them those of Eri of Reppaba in her guise as the indor of compassion. A maze lies on the floor of the dome laid out in tiles of bright blue ceramic, placed there so that its walkers should learn peace and serenity in the search for the centre.

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