Petraxes the Wind-Lord was the Seventh Redeemer of the Ardavai Exatai, unusual in that he hailed from the Tribe of the Spear, rather than that of the Sun. Until Petraxes, the Princes of the Sun had formed something of a ruling dynasty, with a pseudo-hereditary succession after the princedom was founded by Macrinus, an ethnic Accani general. Petraxes, however, took the trial-by-combat acclamation of the Redeemers quite literally, as almost no one had since the accession of Xetares; he arrived in the Den of Wolves and proceeded to slay his fellow princes. This began a reign of terror, as Petraxes took it upon himself to kill nearly anyone who could conceivably be called an enemy; it only ended with his death by natural causes.

The trauma of Petraxes' reign is perhaps one of the reasons that the Princes of the Sun would retain the throne of the Exatai until the War of the Three Gods.

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