A mountainous region south of Acca, in the Rhoms. Oscadia was well populated by a primarily Aitahist population, and was once home to a kingdom of the same name. 

History Edit

With the increasing influence of Seshweay traders on the Bosrttian peoples, especially the annexation of Styr by the Union of Aya’se, many of the natives felt that they were under threat of conquest by the larger nation. Using this as a pretext, the monarchs of the city of Tael founded the Kingdom of Oscadia, a mountain stronghold for their local polytheistic religion. They quickly conquered the Murk and established a strong presense in the lower Murkha valley.

After a devastating invasion by the Satar under Arastephas the Redeemer, they retreated across the mountains, convinced the other Bosrttians to join them, and created another united kingdom, which dwelt in the shadow of the Satar. Eventually, they were destroyed by raids from the Satar and the Vithana, though the people survived into the era of the Karapeshai Exatai.

However, the Redeemer Taexi instituted a new policy, that of eradication. The elimination of Aitahists proved so effective that during the War of Lerai's Challenge, Farubaidan attempts to rouse the region found little to no Aitahists to rouse. It is here, at the Battle of Markha, where the Farubaida was stalled, and at the Battle of Vesadevas, where Lerai fell, that Talephas won the war.

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