A militant, devout, and traditionalist Daharai Order, the Red and Righteous Flame is one of the most powerful and influential parties signatory to the Compact of Spitos. The Reds trace direct hierarchal descent from the original Daharai - indeed, many of their monasteries were established in the Early Charitan era of the Opulensi Empire expressly to extend that polity's influence further into the interior of Spitos

The Reds proclaim Righteousness as the surest footing by which to moor the Indagahori faith. They favour the control and management of heretics and nonbelievers by force of arms, and have long deemed the expansion of the Republic as the best method to safeguard their religion. Red Brothers and Sisters are schooled to be staunch, implacable, and obedient, and most will not hesitate to lay down their own lives in defence of their country and their faith. They are notable for the veneration of Kaltas Nire as an embodiment of the indor of courage, and as a model to which all roindori should aspire.

Having reluctantly surrendered control of Rhade and its cotade to the iendeos of that city, their Order now makes its headquarters at the great monastery of Mohal in the southern Roukari Hills, overlooking a significant tract of coastal plain. The Reds are the largest single landholder in the Republic, and the majority of their wealth stems from their many horse and cattle herds, their grain tax, and the rents they charge country freeholders. They maintain considerable antipathy towards the Order of the Honourable Spicers, whose lands often abutt their own, and who seem to embody the aspects of Republic life the Reds find most contemptuous. 

Red fighting septs employ the close order of the thonos spearwall, though they are known for their speed and the viciousness of their advance, as opposed to the sure and steady pace of most thonos formations. Roindori soldiers are commonly armoured in the standard Daharai fashion of steel roundshield, helm, and linen artekon - however, among the orders they are the most likely to employ heavier gear. Their best soldiers often fight wearing an entire coat of steel scales, and take advantage of this increased protection to abandon the shield and wield heavy cutting and hacking polearms.  Widely regarded as the toughest and most well-drilled soldiers the Republic of the Daharai has to call on, in contention with the gendori of the Order of the Republic. 

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