One of the primary Orders of the Daharai, the Spicers are based out of the port city of Kephon. The Spicers originated as an alliance of landholders and merchants who lent monetary and material support to the Daharai over the course of the Opalansai Civil War. With Daharai victory and a great deal of new political clout, this alliance secured the bestowal of the mantle of ordership upon itself, including full participation within the Red Chamber and the Conclave of the Masters.

Ostensibly a religious order sworn to uphold the Precepts of Indagahor, the Spicers have historically devoted little attention to these duties, and very few active monasteries or temples are maintained by the order. The Spicers control vast tracts of land in southern and southeastern Spitos, and much of it is devoted to the cultivation of black pepper and other spices - the eponymous source of the greater portion of the Orders' wealth.

In practice the Honorable Spicers function as a merchants consortium holding the official sanction and backing of the Republic, as well as the writ of law in the territories under their purview. The Spicers maintain an extensive fleet of merchantmen and traders, and they effectively control a significant portion of trade on the Nakalani.

The Spicers are renowned for their roenon, a Daharai fighting sept trained as lancers and medium cavalrymen. The lances of the roenon serve foremost to protect the Republic, but the Spicers are not shy in their employment for the advancement of their own interests, having utilized them on multiple occasions to quell civil unrest and crush countryside rebellions.

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