The Order of the Harada Epinoë is a prominent Maninist Order and a voting member of Concourse. Their patron Harada is Epinoë, an itinerant Nahari preacher and healer of the early 6th century RM. Their headquarters are located in the city of Nahar



Epinoë is held to have exemplified the virtues of tolerance, humility and charity. Epinoëne initiates are expected to spend a great deal of their time aiding the least fortunate members of society, and the Order operates a great many hospitals, shelters for vagrants, and orphanages. Epinoëne support accordingly tends to be highest among subsistence farmers, impoverished urbanites, and the otherwise indigent.  

Organization Edit

The Epinoënes are led by the Tanai Aleyd, elected at seven year intervals by the council of Tanai. The Order is organized in a roughly tripartite fashion: the healers - those who tend to the sick - form one chain, the gardeners - those who tend to the healthy but otherwise needy; orphans, vagrants, etc - form another, and the administrators - those who strive to reduce suffering on a more impersonal level - form the third. Each of these will be headed by a Tanai for the region or city, which tends to lead to a considerable amount of politicking and unseemly competition between the three Tanai, much to the embarassment of the Order's lowly initiates. 

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