The Opening of the Gate is the name for the events and wars leading to the destruction of the Leunan control of trade between the East and the Far East. The name references Leun's former control of the Indigo Gate, which was broken by the Treaty of Paulinith .

Arguably, the Opening of the Gate begun with the collapse of the "Old Senate" and the defaultation of the Leunan Republic's immense war debts. Seeking new sources of revenue, the Old Senate attempted to seize noble lands, leading to massive revolt. Leun's neighbors pounced on this news, leading to the Nobles and the Old Senate agreeing to certain reforms and constituting the New Senate against this invasion. Notably, in fighting the Daharai, Leun managed to trigger the Rihniti-Farean Alliance originally founded against the Opulensi . Eventually, Leun's alliance collapsed when the Parthecan forces pulled out, and Leun was forced to sign a humiliating treaty surrenduring many peripheral colonies and it's historic rights to the Indigo Gate.

The Opening of the Gate is well known for rapid negotiations, surprising events, and the seemingly traitorous actions of the Parthecans (which future scholars blame on cultural differences). Such include the Savirai-Daharai agreement of Dinyart, the Establishment of the New Senate, the Parthecan Seizure of Leunan Colonies, the Leunan Invasion of Rihnit, The Parthecan Sack of Farea, The Treaty of Toulai, The Leunan Capitulation, and The Revolt Against the Golden Chamber. 

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