Ojasaon covers the land which the Rihnit currently occupy. In the Rihnit Language, it means "Our Land."


There are five distinct geographic and climatic regions of Ojasaon. To the southern coastal region is referred to Agnato gy Kbrilma (Fog in Desert). The capital city was named after this city. The most north-eastern most lake is known as Amaroo Atani and is surrounded by a huge rock formation called Samaroara. The area is also home to several extinct volcanoes. Kuvaku Atani (Parent Lake), Nonakua Atani (Central Lake), Voakoa Atani (Baby Lake), and Ranataga Atani (Gateway Lake) are all considered to be part of Ayana Toqa Saon (Silt Soil Land). The rivers that flow out of Kuvaku Atani and Nonakua Atani both merge and flow into Agnato Gy Kbrilma Yah and ultimately go into the ocean. Lastly, the Ova Demroa Kanahi (Great Desert Shore) makes up all of the areas not nearby water sources. They lie mainly to the north and eastern parts of Ojasaon.


Agnato gy Kbrilma Agnato gy Kbrilma is the land surrounding much of the Rihnit Coastline and got it's name from the dense fog which appears during dawn and dusk. The capital city of Agnato Gy Kbrilma Yah lies within this region.

Agnato Gy Kbrilma (Details)

Samaroara Samaroara lies to the north-east of Ayana Toqa Saon, the north of Agnato gy Kbrilma, and surrounds Amaroo Atani. The landscape of Samaroara gives a hint to the region's ancient and extremely violent volcanic past. 

Samaroara (Details)

Ayana Toqa Saon Ayana Toqa Saon comprises of Kuvaku Atani, Nonakua Atani, Voakoa Atani, Ranataga Atani. This region is considered to be the breadbasket of Ojasaon.

Ayana Toqa Saon (Details)

Ova Demroa Kanahi Ova Demroa Kanahi covers most of Ojasaon and is present more or less in all areas which aren't nearby any source of water.

Ova Demroa Kanahi (Details)

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