The O'Aya'se ta Caroha (Faronun: Farubaida o Caroha, Sierdhe : Faraghir i'Karghae) is the common name for the second major period in the history of the Farubaida o Caroha after the southern parts of the Union seceded to form the Haifaio Hailsia and the Seshweay became by far the dominant group. Still centered around Caroha and retaining the government and much of the cultural effects of the older Farubaida, the principal difference was the far greater ethnic and religious unity: it effectively became a Seshweay religious state centered around Aitahism. This was thrown into question after the War of the Second Feast, when the Maehoui Roshate of Sira joined the federation, adding a huge non-Seshweay Aelonist component.

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