The Nahsjad are a primarily desert people living in the Jadhai and surrounding regions. Traditionally a nomadic group, they had settled caravan cities deep in the desert even before the beginning of recorded history. The coming of Maninism radically changed their society. Missionaries from Gallat militarized the Sira, one of many desert tribes; the Sira quickly united all the various Nahsjad tribes and took them on a conquering spree to the south, ending only when they reached the Lovi Sea. For a while, the region fell under the government of a united roshate -- "rosh" being the Nahsjad word for "successor". In time, however, the Siran Roshate splintered into several competing groups, most notably the Airani Roshate and the Khivani Roshate. By the 10th century SR, the term Sierdha (Siran) had come to predominate as a self-identifier among the people formerly known as the Nahsjad.