Mount Toha is a volcanic mountain in the extreme northwest of Mashineshtotang, overlooking the western end of the series of straits connecting the Airendhe to the Nakalani. It erupted in the year 909 SR, barely a decade after the great Reokhar Eruption in the north. The Toha eruption compounded the already substantial effects of the earlier eruption, with consequences being felt around the world.

The Great Toha EruptionEdit

The Great Toha Eruption's effects were immediately felt with the shockwave alone sinking a great number of ships plying the tea routes from east to west dozens of miles away from the volcano itself, while pyroclastic flows disrupting the trade routes for miles around. Its ash clouds too were, thanks to the prevailing equatorial trade winds, dispersed across the planet with the sun being veiled in haze and taking upon a fiery red aspect even a year after the eruption, and with ash falling from the clouds as far away as Gaarim.

The effects of this eruption are likely to be profound. With the world already suffering from falls in temperatures and crop-yields from the Great Reokhar eruption which saw even such far away lands as Parthe being afflicted with famine, the calamity is likely to be compounded and extended much to the tribulation of the realms of men.

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