Lobardian writing is an Ereithaler writing style and alphabet developed by Lobard to formalize the Stetin dialects that existed at the beginning of the Commonarchy in Ereithal prior. The writing system was implemented as the formal writing of Commonarchs due to many early texts, particularly The Statuary Ideal, being written in that style almost throughout. Many local dialects were phased out during the development of Stetin felvils following the formalization of Common language.

Lobardian writing is rigidly structured in stark contrast to the more stylized and musically written Faronun. Lobard intended for the language to be completely devoid of the graphical ambiguity and musicality of the Faronun vowels.

Lobardian writing utilizes vowels and consonants and structures sentences in a, to us, unorthodox way. Formal writing, especially legal writing, follow a rigid structure remniscent of aphorisms. Sentences are structured in cluster paragraphs called entes (ʕ:ƴɳ:). Each ente's sentence begins with the entar (ʕ) and the whole paragraph end with the vorentar (ʔ).

Lobardian traditional scholars strictly believe language and meaning to be divided, as written, in the entes instead of their subordinary sentences. Grammar and the structure of language is usually understood as based in the supersentence structures of entes rather than each sentence having an isolated grammatical nexus and meaning. Lobardian language and philosophy structures sentences as fundamentally contextualized meanings within their entes.

As such, Lobardian writing is epistemologically completely different than eg Indo-European grammar.

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