Lemdeh, or Athsarion (White Fortress in Satar), is the capital of the High Wardship of Cyve. The city is ancient and sits among the limestone spires and rough terrain of central Ederrot. The region is known among northern peoples as a natural wonder of the world, with extensive caverns and spring formed underground lakes.

Religious SignificanceEdit

Ancient Ederru peoples believed the caves held supernatural powers and formed an unbreakable, direct link to the heavens. These beliefs formed the basis of old Ederru religion that spread onto Athis and Sarkanda. When Maninism swept the north in later centuries, the sacrifices and prayers to innumerable gods in the Lemdeh hills came to a halt. Superstition remained firm among the local population.

In the early 530s SR, Aelona cuCyve, the future Fourth Aitah and founder of Aelonism, was exiled to the city and the castle of her cousin, Cuskar I, the Birthstone. Here in exile, and under the loving protection of her family, Aelona explored the caves extensively. The events of her childhood and what she experienced in Lemdeh are recorded in both the Third, Fourth, and Tenth Dawns of Whispers, the Aelonist religious text. Aelona claimed to have experienced the first of thousands of visions whilst bathing in a deep cave in warm spring waters that would lead her to the declaration of her status as Aitah in Edrim by Khatai I, Emperor of the Dual Thrones. In the 570s SR, Ephasir I, Prince of Bone, upon defeating then King Tydar I besieged the Birthstone and journeyed into the caves. Therein, Ephasir apparently had a vision that altered his perception on his role and led to his refusal to massacre the Aelonist population on the orders of Redeemer Taexi of the Karapeshai Exatai.

Over the centuries, the waters of the caves have become a spiritual aid in guiding oneself to virtue and understanding the Faith. As of the 10th century SR, the massive palatial complex of the High Ward sits in the place of the Birthstone. The waters of the many interior pools are drawn from the geothermal springs.

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