The Lay of the Unbowed, or the Karapeshai Tela, is one of the great works of Satar epic verse, which began to be performed in great open-air reproductions in the 5th century RM. It chronicles the birth of the Third Exatai after the catastrophic Armageddon of Karhat, and the heroic journeys, battles, and intrigues of its founders.


The Lay begins with the titanic Battle of Karhat, a three-day affair in which the Satar forces are defeated. The main characters, Jahan, Avetas, and Elikas, after overcoming their initial doubts, move north with their troops, with the exception of Satores who decides to fight on.

The lay's focus moves north to Acca, where the traitorous disloyal forces of the Censorattas, serving their own financial interests rather than those of the Exatai, are eliminated.

Finally, the Lay concludes with the epic journey of Elikas the Firelight across the Rahevat mountains to conquer a new land for the Unbowed, while Jahan and Avetas forge a bond of friendship which overcomes their rivalry in defeating the Lawgiver Isathmaeyr.

Cultural ImpactEdit

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