The Last Eastern War was the final military confrontation between the Republic of the Daharai and the Republic of Leun, ultimately resulting in the complete destruction of the latter power. The war's direct antecedent was Farea's resistance to the functionaly unilateral renewal of the Daharai lease on Cynta by the Exarch Ammal Thoronoi. The Fareans were defeated on the field in short order, and gave in - though not before their plight managed to convince the Leunans that now was the time to act. Gathering a minor coalition, they initiated a multi-pronged offensive against the Daharai, before their ambitions were destroyed along with their fleet off the coast of Sarne. A Daharai field army under the command of the relentless Montros Mogros was dispatched to the Leunan heartland, and the capital was brutally sacked after a surprisingly short siege. The Leunan Republic collapsed soon after, with the Daharai granting protection to the resulting splinter republics and, predictably, dominating them.

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