Of all the states in the world, the Laitra Empire was surely one of the more entertaining. Its origins lie with the conquest of the ancient kingdom of Ndeos by the Dulama Empire. The latter, having conquered nearly everything to the west of them, had finally turned their attentions east to the heavily forested River Yensai valley. Ndeos, being rather small and having been badly bruised by an invasion from Krato, fell all too easily. The region around the river and Lake Ndeos remained under Dulama control for quite some time. When the Empire was invaded by the Hai Vithana, however, and a series of other problems beset it both internally and externally. In the midst of this chaos, the general Laitra took the garrison army at Caghin and declared himself Emperor of Ndeos and all attendant territories. After all that fanfare, surprisingly little happened -- the Dulama had rather larger problems to worry about. Laitra, for his part, became increasingly megalomaniacal, launching raids into the Kratoan clan lands during their civil war, and conquering the southern reaches of the Yensai. After this, he started to drink, abused various other substances, grew enormously fat, presided over enormous gladiatorial competitions which bankrupted his realm, and so on -- his death was greeted with a sigh of relief, and his descendants proved a little less difficult.

The Empire survived for many years, a minor backwater between the much larger and more powerful Dulama and Moti Empires. It expanded slightly at the expense of the declining Dulama and its successor in the Dulama highlands, the Kingdom of Dula, but was ultimately overrun and destroyed utterly by the Vithanama Empire, into which it has recently been incorporated.

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