A major Stetin port on the unnamed northern sea, Kurchen is nominally controlled by the Commonarchy of Ereithaler, although a huge Parthecan enclave also resides there. The western linchpin of the massive Northern Athis trade routes, Kurchen is one of the wealthiest cities of the north, and of the world.


After being burned near the end of the War of the Ashen Throne, Kurchen saw the body of Fifth Aitah Kintyra thrown into the sea by the Karapeshai Redeemer Taexi. With the end of the war, Gallatene engineers helped rebuild the small port town, which nurtured was by the growing Parthecan trade route. It became the new capital of Brunn as the new monarchs abandoned both the ashes of their old capital and the rebellious warlords of Wer. The rise of the Commonarchy saw the conquest of Kurchen by Ereithalar, and the growth of trade across northenrn Athis made Kurchen many times the city it once was.

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