One of several splinter states from the ailing Dulama Empire, the Kingdom of Dula (sometimes styled the Empire of Dula or Dula Empire) was founded by the self-proclaimed Emperor Cairl XVII in the city of Dula proper. The Kingdom had its roots in the old Dulama civil war, as Dula had been the center of operations for the aristocratic rebellion. Many of the same leaders ended up supporting its foundation and supplying its armies, and the sacrificial traditions of the Dulama religion were at their fiercest while the Kingdom remained independent.

Controlling most of the highlands around the city at its peak, the Kingdom failed to gain a foothold beyond, despite several attempts to seize the city of Tiagho to the immediate south. Nearly from the beginning it faced a serious threat to its existence from the Hai Vithana, later the Vithanama Empire, to the west.  It would be conquered by the Vithanama after only a few decades of independence.

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