The holy book of the Ardavan faith, the Kaphaiavai is split into two volumes, the Kaphai, which details the life of Taleldil (the god-figure of Ardavan) on earth, and the Avai – his ascendance into heaven.


"Beginning there were many gods, and none. And in the end, there shall be only one."

Introduction, Kaphai

"Great and long would their sufferings be."


"The world may have changed,
But order will always be restored by EXATAS.
Slaves can not masquerade as freemen.
Taleldil will not allow it.
Your defeat was sealed from your first foray,
Even as you thought yourself victorious.
You will tremble before the might of the Redeemer.
The mask glints the brightest gold."


"Pain without purpose is an end without redemption."


"Oh wondrous liege of thunder,
it was in arrogance that we sought triumphs,
accolades and titles of glory we sought.

"Now your majesty has fled, left the unworthy for a host more fitting,
your disgust at our cowardice made manifest.

"We seek only the penance of the journey,
to forever cross harsh wastes,
with only the blood of our horses to nourish us.

"For every drop of the blood of Taleldil,
every drop that touches the ground,
a generation shall turn upon itself.

"We ask that no peace be given to us,
that no green thing appease our sight,
no cool water refresh our lips.

"Let us know only the feel of the saddle,
the wind of the mountain,
the wind of the desert."


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