The Interlocutors are an organization within the Maninist Faith. They occupy a unique position in the unified governance (what little there is) of the Faith. Interlocutors exist outside and above the Order structure, answering only to the High Ward and the Concourse. The responsibilty of the body is to act as a universal check on the Orders, to ensure that they follow their rules and do not slip into deism or monarchy. In this capacity an Interlocutor has tremendous, if ill-defined, powers: he or she may demand access to any information or resources held by any Order, may mete out punishments for transgressions, rewards for successes, and in extraordinary circumstances even have the authority to order the dissolution of a sufficiently deviant Order. The Interlocutors function in some ways as a sort of inquisition on behalf of the Synothal Orders, and should a minor Order attempt to thwart them in their duties the great Orders inevitably exact a terrible retribution. 

The number of Interlocutors at any given time is a closely guarded secret, as are their missions and internal organization. It is thought that there is little hierarchy, with individual Interlocutors expected to operate independently on their assigned tasks. The organization is based in the Seniar Palace in Sirasona, and headed by the Vialocutor, appointed by the High Ward

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