The High Roads are an extensive system of highways and waystations in the Halyrate. They originated during the Restoration, when the Halyrate of Gallat constructed a series of wide and well-maintained roads between the major cities in its territory. They were intended for a purely military purpose, to ease the transit of the Halyrate's armies across the extensive new territories, but quickly became more important economically. When the unity of the Halyrate dissolved in the aftermath of Caron Nuvor's death, the High Roads fell into considerable disrepair. Ultimately elements of the Faith, the only body still standing with sufficiently wide-ranging interests, took it upon themselves to restore and maintain the system. As the Orders expanded into the east, the High Roads followed, and now stretch across the Face of the Moon, the chief arteries of commerce connecting the far-flung Maninist world. 


There is no single group with overall responsibility for the High Roads. Some are run and maintained by small, local Orders, others by one of the Synothal Orders. The Order of Piriven is responsible for an especially extensive section, including most of the long-distance routes crossing central Athis

Because of their vital importance to the economic life of the Halyrate and all its constituents, there is a broad unspoken consensus that the High Roads are Out Of Bounds to the cutthroat politics of the Orders. It is generally understood that if the Piriveni, for instance, tried to use their control of the roads for political ends, the other Synothal Orders would lay aside their disputes and summarily tear the Piriveni apart. The possible fragility of this silent accord has not gone unnoticed, and at various Synods and Concourse meetings the idea of establishing a permanent, neutral body to oversea them has been mooted, but nothing has ever come of it. 

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