Named for the placid shore of gedden where lost souls find solace under the cold and distant glow of iehor, the lighthouse of the Heltear rises above Sar Kalos, perched upon a rocky promontory over the Cyntal Sea. It is widely known that the enormous sum required for construction was secured by the civil chamber of the city as reward for participation in the Hounan expedition.

Unlike its predecessor in Epichirisi and the neighbouring brusque towers of Sar Kalos, the Heltear exhibits pleasant curvature and roundness, standing guard with gentle visage over the fissure-port. Each tier of the structure is wrapped in arches, where within are nestled bronzen engravings glorifying Sar Kalos, Indagahor, and the Compact. Atop its height a great mirror of speculum bronze sits sheltered beneath a dome, a bonfire lit before it to shine out over the sea. The Heltear is the grace of sailors on the savage eastern shores of Spitos, and many owe their lives to its guiding beacon.

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