The Haifaio Hailsia is a large empire centered around the peninsula of Hailsia, regarded as the successor to the more ancient Empire of Helsia (though they claim a continuity of government), and a breakaway state from the former Farubaida o Caroha. Established after a long period where the Farubaida drifted increasingly apart due to differing geopolitical concerns and visions, Hailsia championed the growing spiritual movement of Doru o Ierai, and the closely coupled Iralliamite schismatic movement, the Independent Conclaves. Just as importantly, Hailsia was born out of longstanding irredentist sentiment in Hailsia, which prompted successful attempts to conquer the Faerouhaiaou and the Empire of Dremai. Today, the Haifaio is a vibrant cultural center, especially around the upland city of Sakhelakhaia, and a significant trading power.

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