The Hai Vithana were an offshoot of the large western Vischa confederacy, and possibly the most powerful of "the three Vithana" -- the Vischa, Vithana, and Hai Vithana. Migrating away from their steppe homelands, the Hai Vithana ranged south, over the Toasha Desert, eventually coming into the lands claimed by the Dulama Empire. The Dulama, already weakened by various pressures at this point, could not halt the initial Hai Vithana advance. This secured the great band of semi-arid land south of the Toasha before finally meeting the borders of the Uggor and the heartlands of the Dulama, where their initial invasions were turned back. The Hai Vithana then ceased their expansion for a time, settling in the city of Amhatr and the surrounding remote desert, from which some of their wilder elements occasionally raided their wealthy imperial neighbors.

The Hai Vithana were always eager to accept trade caravans passing through their realm -- after all, they brought the sorts of gifts and goods that their ruler could bestow upon his best warriors. Indeed, Hai Vithana markets in Amhatr became some of the richest and most diverse in the known world, seeing traders from all over the continent.

During the final years of the Dulama Empire, the Hai Vithana once again launched an invasion of their ancient enemy, this time successfully dispersing the empire's weakened armies and conquering vast swathes of the Taidhe. With the bulk of its fighting men at war far from home, however, the Hai Vithana homeland was vulnerable, and their eastern neighbors the Holy Moti Empire invaded, razing the oasis city of Amhatr and ending Hai Vithana dominance in the Toasha. The khagan of the Hai Vithana, Avralkha, rather than returning to seek vengeance against the Moti, established a new, Hai Vithana-ruled empire in the former eastern half of the Dulama Empire -- the Vithanama Empire. Its dramatic geographic, demographic and political differences from the earlier Hai Vithana has led historians to consider the Vithanama Empire a separate entity, and Avralkha's conquests are traditionally considered the end of the Hai Vithana.

After the withdrawal of Moti troops from the Toasha desert, a new khaganate, the Eha Vithana, would be propped up by the Satar forces of Karal-ta-Asihkar. However, the Eha remained just a shadow of the former might of the Hai Vithana.

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