First-Gaci (c. 70-140 SR, r. c. 100-140 SR) is a storied ruler and sometimes considered the founder of the ruling dynasty of the Holy Moti Empire that would come to dominate the central known world from the third through seventh centuries SR. A member of the Elephant Family, he ascended to the position of Chief-of-chiefs near the start of the second century SR. Though he earned the respect of the other Godlikes, he largely failed to turn the tide of corruption and furthermore did not manage to protect their holdings from encroachment by numerous bandits.

He would be aided in this latter sphere by the actions of one Moti-Hero Kirost, who led a stunning campaign to crush the bandits on the northern fringes of the Moti. They would consequently greatly expand in power and influence, especially as Kirost led the armies of the Moti across the Kotthorns and conquered Bisria, completing that conquest in the reign of Second-Gaci.

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