The Faerouhaiaou are the inhabitants of upland Helsia, descended from the Farou of ancient times. After the semi-mythical exodus of the Farou from their origin in Hu'ut, they settled across the Helsian peninsula. For most of their early history, those inhabiting the uplands were little different from their lowland neighbors, but they gradually diverged in language over the course of centuries -- the lowlanders being more influenced by the consonant-heavy languages of their neighbors, and the Faerouhaiaou developing lengthy words with numerous vowel clusters. Around the time of the War of the Crimson Elephant and the consequent devastation of the lowlands, the highlands began to diverge in strategic outlook as well -- their mountain homes had been almost entirely untouched by the attacks, and they became rather isolationist, founding their own, eponymous state in the highlands.

This state tried very hard to be left alone for most of its existence, preferring an arrangement of limited autonomy under the Empire of Helsia, finally being incorporated into the Farubaida o Caroha with assurances that it would not be dragged into numerous useless foreign wars.

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