The Exatai of the Satar was founded by Arastephas the Redeemer almost immediately after he had his transformative religious experience that marks the start of the Satar Calendar. Uniting the disparate Satar tribes of the steppe under his rule in the region around Lake Nasara, he marched east with an enormous force, conquering Oscadia, the Tashal, and soon Bahra and the Seshweay in turn. There, he and his son, Second Redeemer Atraxes, started to consolidate their gains, building the Exatai of the Satar in the valley of the River Sesh, rebuilding the city of Magha as their capital. Atraxes proved to be possibly the greatest of the Satar Redeemers, launching a raid into Krato and building the Matraxas and the Ark in Magha, but his successor Xetares could not maintain the Exatai's position -- it crumbled in the face of pressure from an alliance of many foes in the War of the Crimson Elephant, eventually being replaced by the Ardavai Exatai.

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