The Eha Vithana are a minor khaganate in the Toasha Desert. Successors to the ancient Hai Vithana state, the Eha Vithana resulted from the destruction of the Hai Vithana khaganate by the forces of the Holy Moti Empire. Due to its valuable position along a north-south trade route, the old Hai Vithana capital of Amhatr, abandoned by the Moti, would become the capital of a new state, propped up by the Karapeshai Exatai. As an ally of the Exatai, the Eha Vithana would become involved in many of their wars, most importantly the great southern war against the Vithanama Empire. An expedition from the Vithanama would sack Amhatr once more, and cripple the Eha Vithana.

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