N3S Ederrot

Ederrot highlighted

is an island off the northwest coast of Athis, separated from the mainland by the narrow Gilbok Channel. It is by far the largest island of its small archipelago, with Gilot being the only other of any note. It is home to the Ederru and Cyvekt peoples.

Ederrot is dominated by coniferous forests; their woods are some of the tallest and strongest in the world. The uplands are dominated by limestone outcrops, into which a number of deep caverns (such as those at Lemdeh) have been cut by the countless eons. Rocky uplands give way to several broad plains in the south, while in the north the land gets more rugged, the forests thicker, and the people fiercer. Traditionally, Ederrot freezes over every winter, with a tremendous snowfall unmatched by any other region in the known world. It has been getting warmer in recent years, though this has mostly helped the island's struggling agriculture...

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