Preserving the long balance of power between the Dual, Opulensi, and Leunan EmpiresEastern League was an organization of city states on Spitos and Auona. Their relationship in this mercantile and naval competition was often described as a Leunan buffer zone against the Opulensi.  Members, in no particular order, included New Kalos, Erlias, Tars, Cheidia, Ichan, Cynta and Pulchas. Although New Kalos, founded from refugees of "Old" Kalos, was the leader of the Eastern League, her leadership was in no way undesputed. Her primary challenger was Tars, a powerful city-state based on Auona, which also controlled Pulchas, a colony on Spitos. An Leunan-Opulensi agreement ended the balance of power, and the Eastern League was conquered and annexed by the Opulensi in short order. Although Leun made various statements and agreements to refree and reconstitute the League, they lost their chance during the Opulensi Civil War. The Republic of the Daharai eventually retook Tars and Cheidia, the only freed Eastern League states, after the Opening of the Gate neutered the Leun.

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