Dziltocampal is an obscure southern country located at the headwaters of the River Yensai.

The Dziltocampal civilization emerged in obscurity during the height of the Dulama Empire but had little contact with the outside world for much of their history. Their first external contacts came nearly at the same time, from Haina merchants who had established trading posts on The Kahna across the mountains to the west and from Iralliamite missionaries venturing south of the Laitra Empire in search of converts. The sudden surge of international contacts briefly destabilized Dziltocampal society, and clashes between different noble factions became commonplace in the capital city of Nur.

Initially, Iralliam managed to convert a large portion of the populace, but it was resisted by many in the nobility, who saw the foreign religion as a challenge to their power. The pagan nobility found support among the Haina merchantry, who saw the nobles as important trading partners. This alliance kept the old religion alive and dominant for some time. However, the decline of Haina following the enormous waste of the Suran Expedition meant the end of active Haina support for the traditional nobility. The remainder of the nation quickly converted to Iralliam.

Other than the import of a foreign religion, Dziltocampal remains highly isolated. The Laitra Empire has at times extended tendrils as far south as the northernmost reaches of Dzil claims, but their conquest by the Vithanama Empire put an end to any Laitra ambitions in the region. Due to their isolation, the Dzil form of Iralliam retains many aspects of traditional Dziltocampal religion and would be viewed as heretical in Opios.

Linguistic similarities suggest that the Dzil have a distant kinship with the Dulama, but this is not confirmed.

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